Eye Care Appointments: What to Ask Your Eye Care Professional

Five words or less (NewsUSA) - If you wear contact lenses, chances are your conversations with your eye care professional covers routine eye exams, contact lens comfort and ordering new contact lenses. But when was the last time you discussed contact lens care with your eye care professional? A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research and sponsored by Alcon found that most contact lens wearers surveyed haven't had a conversation about lens care with their doctor in three years. "Many contact lens wearers incorrectly assume their current contact lens care routine works fine. Unfortunately, many wearers don't discuss contact lens care during each appointment, which means they may unintentionally practice poor habits that could lead to discomfort, blurred vision or even infection," says Dr. Mile Brujic, an optometrist in Bowling Green, Ohio. Below are some questions Dr. Brujic encourages all contact lens wearers to ask during appointments: 1. What type of lens solution is right for me? According to the survey, 60 percent of contact lens wearers believe that all lens care solutions are the same. Lens care solutions are formulated differently and are designed for various uses, including cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing. By asking your eye care professional to make a recommendation, you'll increase your chances of getting a solution that works best. 2. Should I change lens care solution brands? Always consult your eye care professional before changing your lens care solution brand. During regular eye appointments, address any questions about your lens care solution with your doctor. 3. Am I cleaning my contact lenses and lens case properly? Your eye care professional can tell you if you are practicing proper lens care hygiene. He or she can also identify poor habits such as reusing solution or wearing lenses longer than recommended. 4. Is my lens case clean, and how often should I replace it? Follow the product instructions for cleaning and storing your contact lens case. Allow the lens case to air dry each time the contact lenses are removed. Replace your contact lens storage case as directed by the product manufacturer. 5. When should I replace my contact lenses? Follow the contact lens replacement schedule prescribed by your eye care professional. Using contact lenses longer than directed by the product instructions or your eye care professional can lead to discomfort and complications. For more information and a downloadable list of questions you can bring to your next appointment, visit