She's history

She's history

  Her broken down car leads to curator’s love of Worth history Colleen McElroy had never heard of Colleen McElroy, shown at an outdoor board meeting earlier this summer in which board members dressed up in period pieces, has been synonymous with Worth history for years. Photo by Jeff Vorva.Worth until her car broke down in the Friendly Village 14 years ago. “My ‘check engine’ light’ went,” recalls McElroy, who was returning home... Read more



One strike and they were out Remember 1994?It was the year of O.J. Simpson’s infamous leading of police on a slow-speed chase on one of southern California’s freeways, the bizarre act of a supposedly innocent man who went on to beat a double-murder rap before committing the truly heinous crime of memorabilia theft. The latter, of course, did what Marsha Clark and Christopher Darden couldn’t: put Simpson behind bars.1994 was also the year Nelson Mandela was... Read more

Out and About

‘Hundred-Foot Journey’ leaves you hungry for more

By Tony Pinto   “The Hundred-Foot Journey” is a film that wants to be more than it is. It’s a film that does so many things well; it doesn’t need to be a serious film that it tries so desperately to be. At times it can be sad and depressing, but for the most part it’s a light-hearted film that teaches acceptance.  The film centers on a young man named Hassan and... Read more


Even in bad times, listen for the music…


Even in bad times, listen for  the music that is playing for us

 There’s value in experiencing comfort from unlikely sources.  My youngest daughter, Rhonda-Rene (age 3), is adamant about who she prefers between my husband, Don, and I. Especially when she gets hurt. Don’t let me be the first responder to a tumble if Don is nearby, she’ll contort her body until she’s broken free of me, to get to him. It leaves me left thinking, “Why won’t she let me comfort her?  I... Read more