The travelin' man has returned

The travelin' man has returned

    Photo by Jeff Vorva By Jeff Vorva and Tina Butler Reporter News Kevin Lee is back home in Oak Lawn. For how long is anyone’s guess. Since he graduated in 2007, he’s been a lot of places. While he probably can’t compete with the country song “I’ve Been Everywhere,” keep in mind he’s just 25. He has time. He’s crammed a lot of living in recent years but for now he’s back home and is a... Read more


Lights, camera. 'AXIOM'

  Mother Nature has been wrestling with spring sports. On March 16, the Monday that kicked off the outdoor spring sports season, temperatures were in the 70s. But Monday it was cold and inches of snow fell. What will it be like next Monday? Marist High School 2007 alum Ryan Blake hopes it will be a day that people will want to pack the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago at 7 p.m. to watch his documentary on... Read more

Out and About

Old Brosnan doesn’t bond well with audience in ‘November Man…

By Tony Pinto Pierce Brosnan is back in action as a wannabe James Bond. The man who actually played James Bond in “Goldeneye” nearly 20 years ago, is back trying to be an action star in the movie “The November Man.”      At 61, he’s still got something, but that might just be his appetite for on screen drinking.  Brosnan plays ex-CIA agent Peter Devereaux, who, like Bond, is fond of the liquor.... Read more


In the end there were too many hexes wit…


My Lexus is dead.   It’s been on been on life support for some time now. I only wish I had the good sense to pull the plug several hundred dollars ago.   Can’t say I didn’t think about it, but I always held out hope that the next repair would be the last and that I could drive the car a little while longer.   I enjoyed the... Read more