Vegas or bust

Vegas or bust

EP native Bronson heads to Las VegasHooters waitress and calendar girl Kelly Bronson was recently surprised in Oak Lawn with a nomination to participate in the Miss Hooters International Competition Wednesday in Las Vegas. Photo by Michele Vasquez.for Miss Hooters International Pageant   What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas but in this case a local woman wants to bring something back to Oak Lawn.   An international title.  Evergreen Park native and Oak... Read more


Hi again neighbor

Vikings, Rams will repeat opening football act   Maybe the second act will go off without a hitch.  A much-anticipated inaugural meeting between St. Laurence and Reavis on the football field created quite a pregame buzz among fans in Burbank last August. But when game night arrived along with it came rain — lots of it, accompanied by enough thunder and lightning to make playing more perilous than pleasurable.  So Friday night’s kickoff got postponed until Saturday, which did... Read more

Out and About

‘Echo’ will appeal to kids but not much to adults

 By Tony Pinto  “Earth to Echo” is a like “E.T.” meets “Goonies” meets “The Blair Witch Project.” It takes certain parts of each movie and combines them to make this film.  It’s about three friends who live in a Nevada subdivision that is about to be torn down so the state can build a nice new freeway. You get the awkwardly smart kid who probably has OCD played by Reece C. Harting,... Read more


Letters to the Editor from 7-24-14


Memories of the MedusaDear Editor:Thank you to Don C. White for the wonderful article on the S.S Medusa Challenger (June 26 edition of the Reporter). My parents, along with my brother and myself were fortunate enough to be guests of Medusa Cement back in the late 60s and we were treated to a trip aboard the Challenger. Our family business, Prairie Material Sales in Bridgeview was a customer of Medusa... Read more