Health and Thanksgiving: She's giving you the boot

Health and Thanksgiving: She's giving you the boot

 Photo by Jeff Vorva Oak Lawn’s Sharon Lombardi, who runs a fitness business in Palos Hills, offers not only a boot camp on Thanksgiving morning, but offers the public five tips on how people should eat during the holiday. By Jeff Vorva Reporter editor Sharon Lombardi wants to give you the boot this Thanksgiving. Then she wants you to fill your plate. Lombardi the owner of Mission Body Possible in Palos Hills, is inviting people to... Read more


Life in the fast lane

Speed kills as Bulldogs race past Spartans   In automotive parlance it was like pitting a pickup truck against a Ferrari — and letting the Ferrari have a head-start.  Friday night’s South Suburban Conference Red matchup between cross-town rivals Oak Lawn and Richards pretty much rated that comparison. Here’s how Spartans coach Sean Lucas described his team’s foe:  “They’re not the big Richards teams of the past, but they are fast,” he said. “Our kids battled them and a... Read more

Out and About

Old Brosnan doesn’t bond well with audience in ‘November Man…

By Tony Pinto Pierce Brosnan is back in action as a wannabe James Bond. The man who actually played James Bond in “Goldeneye” nearly 20 years ago, is back trying to be an action star in the movie “The November Man.”      At 61, he’s still got something, but that might just be his appetite for on screen drinking.  Brosnan plays ex-CIA agent Peter Devereaux, who, like Bond, is fond of the liquor.... Read more


A winter tradition: TV news hot on hype …


A winter tradition: TV news hot on hype but sub-zero on substance

Getting cold out there. Autumn’s over. Did you see the weather they got in Minnesota? Won’t be long before we see some of the “white stuff.” Polar vortex is on its way.I’d wager most folks couldn’t explain what a polar vortex is, but they like saying “polar vortex.” Can we please stop? Seriously. This is Chicago. We experience four seasons. Winter is one of them. It’s mid-November and it’s getting... Read more