She still has that drive

    They rolled out the red carpet for Palos Hills’ Anita Sherry and a few other elite United Parcel Service drivers. For those who think a formal gown is the only attire suitable for women on a red carpet, think again. Sherry sported her UPS uniform to the party and worked a full shift afterward.              The occasion was that she was named to the company’s coveted Circle of Honor after 25 years... Read more


Defeat is no lost cause

  Defeat is no lost cause RedHawks take positives from matchup with Celtics   By Ken Karrson Sports Editor   This setback didn’t live down to its name. If anything, the loss provided a gain. A couple of months from now Marist coach Kevin Sefcik probably won’t view a similar outcome in quite so favorable a light. However, it’s still early in his inaugural season so it’s safe to say this one was worthy of positive feedback. That’s especially true since last Monday’s opponent,... Read more

Out and About

Old Brosnan doesn’t bond well with audience in ‘November Man…

By Tony Pinto Pierce Brosnan is back in action as a wannabe James Bond. The man who actually played James Bond in “Goldeneye” nearly 20 years ago, is back trying to be an action star in the movie “The November Man.”      At 61, he’s still got something, but that might just be his appetite for on screen drinking.  Brosnan plays ex-CIA agent Peter Devereaux, who, like Bond, is fond of the liquor.... Read more


A look at Lincoln – but don’t call him A…


A look at Lincoln – but don’t call him Abe

 In years past, I have written about the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death.  Wednesday was the 150th anniversary of that sad occasion. Sunday was the 70th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death. In May, I am doing a display at the Green Hills Library in Palos Hills to honor these two fine presidents. Let’s start with Lincoln. The first thing to tell you is that Mr. Lincoln did not like to... Read more