The naked truth -- Wade looks forward to coming home

The naked truth -- Wade looks forward to coming home

Photo by Jeff Vorva Dwyane Wade had some fun at one of his south suburban camps in 2011. He is scheduled to return to the area as a member of the Bulls.    Those who remember former Richards High School standout Dwyane Wade as a shy teenager might be a little surprised that he is not a very shy 34-year-old as he has done several fashion ads for high-level suit makers throughout his... Read more


Soccer report -- Olympics, Fire and Red …

Soccer report -- Olympics, Fire and Red Stars

  Photo by Jeff Vorva The Red Stars’ Danielle Colaprico jumps into the arms of a teammate after scoring a goal in the opening minutes of a 1-1 tie with Houston.   'The best team in the world' ready to make history There doesn’t seem to be any time penciled in for the United States Olympic women’s soccer team to take in any of the historic sites in Brazil next week. The players plan on making a little history of their... Read more

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‘Ted 2’ sequel should have stayed in hibernation The comedy “Ted 2” is an unneeded sequel to the film “Ted.” The first brought us Mark Wahlberg as John, along with Seth MacFarlane as Ted, his foul-mouthed Teddy bear of a best friend. This film picks up a little after the first film ended. We see the bear getting married to his sleazy fiancee, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), at a wedding officiated by Sam... Read more


Youth baseball should be fun first befor…


When I was a kid, we were still playing baseball at this time of year. I recall that youngsters who excelled on the diamond were selected to all-star tournament teams usually late in June or early July. I was fortunate to be on some of those teams in the major division (ages 11-12) pony division (ages 13-15) and the traveling league (ages 16-18). I recall regular season games went right through... Read more