She's history

She's history

  Her broken down car leads to curator’s love of Worth history Colleen McElroy had never heard of Colleen McElroy, shown at an outdoor board meeting earlier this summer in which board members dressed up in period pieces, has been synonymous with Worth history for years. Photo by Jeff Vorva.Worth until her car broke down in the Friendly Village 14 years ago. “My ‘check engine’ light’ went,” recalls McElroy, who was returning home... Read more



A funny thing happened, but we wouldn’t know it Where did our senses of humor go? We used to have them, you know, but they’ve suddenly disappeared and been replaced by the thinnest skins found outside of a peach orchard. No longer can we laugh at ourselves or snicker at the lampooning of one’s heritage, background or personal traits.Done without malice, jokes of that nature are comical, not cruel. There’s nothing wrong with cultivating humor from such subject... Read more

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‘Hundred-Foot Journey’ leaves you hungry for more

By Tony Pinto   “The Hundred-Foot Journey” is a film that wants to be more than it is. It’s a film that does so many things well; it doesn’t need to be a serious film that it tries so desperately to be. At times it can be sad and depressing, but for the most part it’s a light-hearted film that teaches acceptance.  The film centers on a young man named Hassan and... Read more


Let me say this about that - They’ve bec…


Treating the customer as The Enemy Have you recently tried to order a product from a large company using your telephone?  Has a recording answered your call by stating “due to an unusually high call volume, we are unable to take your call at this time so please call back later” tone? This happens just as often at midday as after regular hours. Or you may hear “if you wish to... Read more