'Mr.' Chigas impressed Windy City Thunderbolt skipper in debut

'Mr.' Chigas impressed Windy City Thunderbolt skipper in debut

Photo by Jeff Vorva Oak Lawn graduate Chris Chigas pitched 3 1-3 innings in the Windy City Thunderbolts season opener last Thursday.   In the first inning of the first game of the season, a fan sitting in the stands behind home plate bellowed “Bring in Chigas.’’ Two innings later, Chigas was brought in. Chris Chigas, the lone player on the Windy City Thunderbolts from the area (a Bridgeview native who went to Oak Lawn... Read more


Jeff Vorva's Extra Point: Fire players d…

Jeff Vorva's Extra Point: Fire players downplay heroic act

  The popular “Chicago Fire” television show features actors playing characters who pretend to save lives. And if they mess up, these fine actors get a shot at doing it again. And again. And again… On May 11, members of the Chicago Fire were involved in a life-threatening situation on live TV. And if they messed up, they didn’t get another chance. And they only had seconds to react. The Fire was on the road playing Vancouver and in... Read more

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‘Ted 2’ sequel should have stayed in hibernation The comedy “Ted 2” is an unneeded sequel to the film “Ted.” The first brought us Mark Wahlberg as John, along with Seth MacFarlane as Ted, his foul-mouthed Teddy bear of a best friend. This film picks up a little after the first film ended. We see the bear getting married to his sleazy fiancee, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), at a wedding officiated by Sam... Read more


Graduates face a new high tech world


This is the time of year for proms and graduations. Smiling faces are abundant this month as families and students have plenty of reason to celebrate. My daughter graduated from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb on Saturday. Like other proud parents, it was a great day for our family. Along with taking photos and listening to the speakers at the ceremony, I could see many delighted graduates waving to parents and... Read more