Evergreen Park caregiver helps save senior’s life

Evergreen Park resident Judy Quinn Knasiak, a home care provider, spends her days helping people in their homes, or putting families in touch with caregivers. But last week, she very likely saved the life of one of her clients.           Quinn Knasiak, who is a community liaison in addition to being a care provider with Health Advocates in Palos Heights, explained that she spends two days a week with her 70-year-old... Read more


It's a Fun 'N' Dunne Era at Marist

It's a Fun 'N' Dunne Era at Marist

      Photo by Jeff Vorva Marist coach Pat Dunne has brought an exciting offense to the school foe more than seven years. It's a good thing that Friday’s homecoming treat of shooting off fireworks after every touchdown is not a regular occurrence. Otherwise tuition at the school to pay for all of that could reach six figures a year, the way the RedHawks offense operates. Since Pat Dunne returned to his alma mater to coach football, his teams have... Read more

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‘Ted 2’ sequel should have stayed in hibernation The comedy “Ted 2” is an unneeded sequel to the film “Ted.” The first brought us Mark Wahlberg as John, along with Seth MacFarlane as Ted, his foul-mouthed Teddy bear of a best friend. This film picks up a little after the first film ended. We see the bear getting married to his sleazy fiancee, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), at a wedding officiated by Sam... Read more


Death brings out the kindness of this ca…


Death brings out the kindness of this caregiver

     Have you ever wondered how some people choose their career? Home Health Caregiver, Christina Thompson of Chicago said she found a passion for her profession after two people she was caring for, as a favor, died simultaneously. Well, it wasn’t exactly at the same time but according to Christina, they passed within 12 hours of each other. I’d say that qualifies, wouldn’t you? We hear about these things with elderly,... Read more